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Times are a changing…..

London seems to be releasing music to the world. All scenes seem to be opening up to the idea of getting material out into the hands of others and the wonders that it does.

This year we have had vinyl from multiple bands, cds, and TAPES. So many tapes.

Tape labels are popping up every month or so. Things are changing.

What are you doing? No band, no project? Start a zine, do some art, interview a band, take some photos. Keep it going. No money? Interview a band and throw it up on tumblr. No art skills, that is a lie everyone and anyone can do art. Push yourself to learn.

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The lovely Sam aka Tale Teller Heart playing a song he wrote called “The Longest Branch on the Tallest Tree”. 

He just released his new EP in time with his tour.

Check out his bandcamp here [x]

@ Radish Fest 2014 (@satans cove)

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