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New London Ontario zine distro on the way!

On the wall for the Valentines Day slow dance that is happening Friday February 15th, ( I saw this post!

Wondering where that whole $2 cover is going? WELL LET ME TELL YA. First of all it goes towards the printing of your very own dance card which you can fill out throughout the night with names of dance partners so you don’t have to scramble when that song comes on, you already know who you’ll be dancing with! SWEET. also there may be dance booklets printed~details to come.

The REST of that $2 will be going towards the startup of a new zine distro in London called ‘Distro What Destroys You’. It’s gunna be rad. There will be a table at the dance where you can sign up for a subscription to the monthly distro. COOL COOL COOL.

Check it out:


New zine projects are great. We’re definitely going to be helping each other out in the future. For now, follow and keep an eye on them and then sign up if you please!

- Preston

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